Press Release – Hematite – Ohio

It has been 5 months since Hematite Inc. celebrated a Grand Opening Celebration (June 21st, 2018) […]

Press Release – Hematite – Ohio

Press Release - Hematite - Ohio

It has been 5 months since Hematite Inc. celebrated a Grand Opening Celebration (June 21st, 2018) at their new manufacturing facility in Englewood, Ohio. This is a very exciting time for the company as it represents not only the culmination of all the hard work to get to this point, but it also represents all the great things that are coming in the future. “I want to thank the entire Hematite team both here and in Canada. Without them, none of this could be possible, and this is ultimately a celebration of them and their efforts,” says Bob Kinion, General Manager.

Several special guests attended – customers, suppliers, contractors, architects, financial partners, and staffing partners & advisors. “A special thank you to many of the state and local agencies that have been absolutely fantastic in providing support to the Englewood team, Dayton Development Coalition, Montgomery County, Jobs Ohio, and The City of Englewood” says Jacques Nadeau, COO.

Hematite has invested $14 million into its 106,000 square foot production site and have plans for another $5 million by 2019 as they continue to launch new programs. “Ohio has become a very important part of our family. We are honoured to have Secretary of State Jon Husted, Governor Kasich’s regional representative, State Senator Beagle, as well as State Representative Henne attending our celebration” stated John Pavanel, President.

Hematite Inc. is a “Green Company” with its beginnings as a material recycling company focused on the diversion of post industrial waste from landfill. This green culture continues today as the company continues to find useful applications of this material in treating the underbody of vehicles.

Hematite provides highly engineered solutions to the automotive industry emphasizing recycled plastic technologies and is an innovator in the manufacture of acoustics, air and water management components.

Pictured above are Montgomery County Community & Economic Director Erik Collins with Hematite’s chief operating officer Jacques Nadeau and Mike Panayi, President of Pinnacle Capital Partners, who orchestrated the US expansion on behalf of Hematite.

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