SR&ED is an acronym for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program, which was established by the federal government in the mid-1990’s to assist Canadian companies with financing their research and development initiatives.

On the Canada Revenue Agency web site SR&ED is defined as:

“…a federal tax incentive program designed to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors, to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada that will lead to new, improved or technologically advanced products or processes. The SR&ED program is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial research and development.”

The SR&ED program is currently a $3.5 billion program with no upper limit on the value of claims. It is on track for significant growth.




 Are you a Canadian small business that develops new or improved materials, products and/or processes, in Canada?

 Do you need to overcome one or more new and/or unexpected technological problems?

 Is it necessary to conduct trials, experiments or analyses to solve these problems?

 Do you require expertise or technologies not commonly available to your company to solve these problems?

 Will successful completion of your work plan result in a technological advancement in your industry or field of science?

 If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then you may be eligible to receive SR&ED tax credits!





Pinnacle specializes in securing SR&ED funding for our clients, through analysis, writing, filing and defence. We take care to assemble a customized team of accountants, engineers, and other technical specialists, who are most knowledgeable about your specific technology and industry. Working together, this team produces winning claims, every time, because the claims are built on a solid foundation of science, financials and intimate knowledge of SR&ED law. In fact, we have successfully filed over 2,700 claims.

Many companies find the SR&ED process to be intimidating. Leveraging our proven consulting services enables your staff to focus on your core business, rather than getting bogged down with detailed paperwork and navigating the complex CRA guidelines. With every new client, we remain mindful of three objectives:

Adding Value: Your Innovative Tax Credits (ITC), net of Pinnacle’s fees, should exceed what you would have received if you prepared the claim on your own.

Time is Money: Our clients employ us to relieve themselves of the burden of preparing detailed SR&ED documentation. We are committed to producing comprehensive scientific and financial reports with minimal time commitment from you.

Win-Win-Win: The final outcome should benefit all parties involved: you, CRA and Pinnacle.

This unique method of doing business has earned us widespread recognition as a leader in maximizing SR&ED funding support for our clients.



Contact us to get Started. We strive to make the process of securing SR&ED funding a seamless experience for our clients.


Extensive research into the inner workings of your company and industry allow us to develop SR&ED project descriptions and to guarantee that the claim complies with government SR&ED guidelines.


When our work is complete and your claim is approved you will recieve your funds to grow your business.



Absolute Success Our underlying culture is built on a foundation of absolute success, which means we fight hard for your financing no matter what challenges might arise.

Multidisciplinary Team Our SR&ED team doesn’t limit itself to accountants or engineers, but “accountaneers” who team up to ensure each claim contains just the right mix of science and financials.

Knowledge PCI is continually investing in the education of all their consultants to ensure that their clients who deserve this tax credit are eligible, and take advantage of the program.


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  • Our accountants (one of the Big 5) told us that we were not entitled to SR&ED tax credits as we were a CRO whose main business was doing contract research for Canadian drug companies. A business associate of mine recommended that we give Pinnacle a try. Pinnacle visited our operation and identified science in 3 areas: chemistry, toxicology and microbiology. They were able to prove to CRA that our development of methods in these areas was not fully paid for by customer contracts. We have been receiving substantial SR&ED credits with Pinnacle as our consultants, which has allowed us to expand our services and develop further test methods. I would highly recommend Pinnacle to any pharmaceutical company.
    - John Fanaras
  • We were using our accountants to file SR&ED claims but they did not really understand our science and recommended that we employ Pinnacle. After Pinnacle’s due diligence, they prepared both the science and financial presentation outlining our technological advancements and successfully increased our claim by 1,000%. The CRA science reviewer was impressed and understood what we were doing. We rely on Pinnacle; they have become an integral part of our business.
    - George Foss, CMA, BBA
  • We heard about Pinnacle from a colleague in our business who raved about their services. They filed the SR&ED claim with very little disruption to our operation and we were very impressed with the final report and amount. When the CRA Science Reviewer came in and reviewed the file they commented that our consultants had done an outstanding job and that it was obvious we understood the SR&ED program. The financial review was also very professional and we received our approval letter within 6 months of filing.
    - Latifa Yamlahi
  • Pinnacle came in, went through all our project files and expenses and, with very little effort on my part, increased the SR&ED claim by 300% by identifying all the projects and costs that qualified. They then guided us through the review process and our claim was approved.
    - Gary Cluthe
  • We had filed SR&ED claims previously on our own, but one of our suppliers suggested that we try Pinnacle. We hired them on a no risk basis and, after careful analysis of our operations, they were able to identify areas of science that we had not considered previously. They successfully increased our claims by a factor of six. We will continue to use their services because they deliver.
    - Alfred Napolitano