Pinnacle Group

The Pinnacle Group of Companies offer professionally managed services to help companies secure funding and grow.

The best of the best.’ The Pinnacle Group of Companies (PGOC) truly embodies this definition through:

Best Practices

Best People

Best Clients

Best Systems

Best Work Environment

Best Compensation in the Industry



We continuously shift our paradigms to ensure we are staying ahead of the curve.

Learning to adapt has kept us on the leading edge of our industry.

We are performance driven with invisible processes.

We constantly strive to improve our performance and believe in measuring to maximize success. Proven methods work behind the scenes to further ensure our continued success and growth, without getting distracted by processes.

We are about quality and quantity.

All of our work is steeped in quality but we don’t use this fact as an excuse not to perform.

We combine innovation with stability and structure for controlled, steady growth.

The systems we have in place are proving to be an extremely stable base on which to grow our company. PGOC is currently poised to assume a visionary role in the government funding arena through the addition of our GPA services to our already solid SR&ED services. PGOC will forever change the traditional business model of government funding providers.



More Money, Fast Pinnacle Group of Companies (PGOC) is the only consulting and capital firm that will help you finance your business needs from Governments, Banks, and Equity Sources, both in Canada and the USA.

Absolute Success Our underlying culture is built on a foundation of absolute success, which means we fight hard for your financing, no matter what obstacles might arise.

With You All the Way PGOC stays with you 100% of the way, until the financing approval is in your hands.