At Pinnacle, we take a unique approach to arranging business expansion loans. Traditional players in this market rely on generic financial services expertise, and inflexible guidelines, while seeking extra-ordinary fees. Pinnacle offers specialized knowledge that adds value to every single transaction, and structures the fees over time so that the cash flow will not be significantly impacted for the business expansion. Some of the specialized knowledge that Pinnacle adds to each transaction are;

  • Detailed Vertical Market Knowledge
    • This comes from over 22 years of providing SR&ED services to technologically advanced companies.
    • A partial list of our 700+ clients shows that they include;
      • Automotive Parts Manufacturers
      • Tool & Die Manufacturers
      • Plastic Manufacturers
      • Advanced Manufacturers
      • IT Companies
      • Health Science Companies
      • Service Companies
  • Efficient Business Services
    • Pinnacle Group of Companies are boutique companies with highly specialized consultants, who undergo constant training to keep up to date on their chosen areas.
    • We use “Best Practises” and continuously refine our “invisible processes” to keep us performance driven.
    • All your claim managers have 20+ years of experience and the owners have been in business since 1981
  • Proven Financial Expertise
    • Our partners have been in the financing business since 1990 and have financed over $500M in deals
    • Our President of Pinnacle Capital Partners has an Accounting degree and both a CBV and CFA
    • We will not commence with a client until we are sure that we can provide the financing that they will require
    • We have shown that we can structure deals that are win-win- win – for the client, for the financing source and for Pinnacle.

Some of the methods that we have used to finance expansions are as follows;
1. Traditional Bank Financing if the financials are strong
2. Bank Financing supplemented with Loans from federal/provincial/state/municipal governments
3. Grants and Loans from both the Canadian federal and provincial governments
4. Grants and Loans from the USA federal, state and municipal governments
We invite you to explore our case studies to show you some examples of this.



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More Money, Fast Pinnacle Group of Companies (PGOC) is the only consulting and capital firm that will help you finance your business needs from Governments, Banks, and Equity Sources, both in Canada and the USA.

Absolute Success Our underlying culture is built on a foundation of absolute success, which means we fight hard for your financing, no matter what obstacles might arise.

With You All the Way PGOC stays with you 100% of the way, until the financing approval is in your hands.



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