Be happy: 30 ways for 30 days

Did you know that you have more control over your happiness than you think? Almost 90 […]

Be happy: 30 ways for 30 days

Be happy: 30 ways for 30 days

Did you know that you have more control over your happiness than you think? Almost 90 per cent of what causes us to be happy falls into categories like our attitude, behaviours and habits — all things we can modify.  Want to improve your mood in just one month? Try out a tip a day from this list of 30 ways to feel happier!

  1.  Laugh a lot. Watch funny videos or share jokes. Laughter is an antidepressant and pain reliever all rolled into one.
  2.  Do volunteer work. It improves your well-being and eases depression.
  3.  Set a goal. As you work towards it, you’ll feel satisfaction and higher self-esteem.
  4.  Spend money on other people. This raises happiness levels even when you’re not wealthy.
  5.  Be present. Enjoy the scent of spring, or the birds chirping outside your window.
  6.  Hang out with happy people. It’s proven to lift your mood.
  7.  Exercise self-control. We’re happier when we make a habit of resisting temptation.
  8.  Exercise, period. Studies show that regular physical activity is linked to happiness in both the short and long term.
  9.  Do something kind for a friend or family member. When you’re in need of support, you’ll be able to count on the relationships you’ve cultivated.
  10.  Look on the bright side. Did something go wrong? Find the silver lining that’s almost always there.
  11.  Become a morning person. People who regularly start their day early feel more positive and enjoy better health than night owls who always sleep late.
  12.  Buy yourself a bouquet! Being around flowers reduces stress and makes you feel upbeat.
  13.  Count your kindnesses. Dwell on the good deeds you’ve done, instead of shrugging them off. This practice appears to increase happiness.
  14.  Eat a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet and cut back on sugary foods.
  15.  Turn off the TV. Use the time to read or socialize, which is proven more satisfying in the long term.
  16.  Appreciate something, whether it’s your child’s perfect health or the newspaper delivered to your door this morning. We often forget to notice how fortunate we are.
  17.  Be a problem solver. Find a simple solution to something that’s been bothering you, such as putting a laundry hamper in the bathroom where towels regularly get dumped on the floor.
  18.  Get a good night’s sleep. Aim for seven to eight hours a night.
  19.  Practice forgiveness. When you stop simmering about someone who’s done you wrong, you have room to feel more positive.
  20.  Get a pet. Although researchers are still working to prove it, pet owners will tell you their animal companions bring them joy.
  21.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities, and seize them. You may miss something positive if you’re too focused on finding something else.
  22.  When you talk to yourself, talk positively. Instead of criticizing yourself for mistakes, remind yourself you’re making an effort, or you’re learning.
  23.  Pursue a hobby. From art to gardening to golf, an enjoyable hobby pulls you into the present.
  24.  Practice relaxation exercises like yoga, which can relieve depression, anxiety and stress.
  25.  Have a deep conversation. Happier people tend to have substantial conversations instead of sticking to superficial chitchat.
  26.  Drink water. Staying well hydrated keeps up your energy and mood.
  27.  As the bestselling book says, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Most of what you’re stressing over now won’t matter much later.
  28.  Lower your standards a little. Allow yourself to be less than perfect — without guilt.
  29.  Listen to your favourite tunes. Music can be both relaxing and enjoyable.
  30.  Smile. Faking a facial expression can actually put you in the mood. Try it!

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