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What to Expect When You Work With Pinnacle

Pinnacle's skilled team of professionals has the expertise to identify and substantiate the SR&ED tax incentives your company is entitled to.

At Pinnacle, we strive to make the process of securing SR&ED funding a seamless experience for our clients. Our expansive knowledge of the SR&ED program, coupled with our intense focus on delivering value, makes us confident in our ability to outperform both our client’s internal resources, and the abundance of external sources that dabble in SR&ED, such as accounting firms and independent consultants.

Here is a list of the key services that Pinnacle delivers to SR&ED clients:

  • Identify and substantiate all SR&ED tax incentives that your organization is entitled to receive
  • Review previously filed claims
  • Maximize your tax credit by uncovering all qualifying expenses
  • Develop a SR&ED project description and claim that proves, beyond a doubt, that the experimental process is both logical and systematic, and that it fulfills government SR&ED guidelines
  • Prepare comprehensive technical and financial documents
  • File claim documentation to CRA
  • Ensure your R&D staff are adequately prepared for an on-site review
  • Defend your claims during technical and financial reviews
  • Improve the productivity of your SR&ED activities
  • Implement effective mechanisms to properly demonstrate, document and track research activities, according to government requirements, to fully substantiate future SR&ED activities

Pinnacle provides all of these services, along with in-depth knowledge of your industry and the SR&ED program, on a contingency fee basis. Payment of our fee is deferred until your claim is approved by CRA.

For a more detailed understanding of our unique approach to the SR&ED claim process, please download “Pinnacle’s Proven Path to SR&ED Claim Success.”