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What is SR&ED & Who Qualifies?

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Tested Procedures, Proven Leadership

Pinnacle specializes in securing SR&ED funding for our clients, through analysis, writing, filing and defence. We take care to assemble a customized team of accountants, engineers, and other technical specialists, who are most knowledgeable about each client’s specific technology and industry. Working together, this team produces winning claims, every time, because the claims are built on a solid foundation of science, financials and intimate knowledge of SR&ED law. In fact, we have successfully filed over 2,200 claims since 1995!

Many companies find the SR&ED process to be intimidating. Leveraging our proven consulting services enables your staff to focus on your core business, rather than getting bogged down with detailed paperwork and navigating the complex CRA guidelines. With every new client, we remain mindful of three objectives:

  1. Adding Value: Your Innovative Tax Credits (ITC), net of Pinnacle’s fees, should exceed what you would have received if you prepared the claim on your own.
  2. Time is Money: Our clients employ us to relieve themselves of the burden of preparing detailed SR&ED documentation. We are committed to producing comprehensive scientific and financial reports with minimal time commitment from you.
  3. Win-Win-Win: The final outcome should benefit all parties involved: you, CRA and Pinnacle.

This unique method of doing business has earned us widespread recognition as a leader in maximizing SR&ED funding support for our clients.