A Recognized leader in Securing SR&ED Tax Credits
Why Choose Pinnacle?

The Pinnacle Advantage

From our early years specializing in SR&ED, Pinnacle Consultants Inc. (PCI) has gained an enviable reputation for preparing strong, detailed scientific reports that are integrated with solid financials. For over a decade, the Pinnacle team has steadily grown to include a strategic mix of Engineers, Manufacturing Experts, Computer Consultants, Accountants, Tax Consultants and Financing Experts. The wide breadth of expertise offered by this diverse group has enabled Pinnacle to add Government Incentives and Capital services to our Consulting business, for a full portfolio of offerings that simply can't be matched.

What does Pinnacle offer?

  1. We get you more money fast: PCI is the ony SR&ED consulting firm that will both maximize your SR&ED claim and extend an asset based loan, upon filing of the SR&ED claim. 
  2. We have a multidisciplinary team: Our SR&ED team doesn't limit itself to accountants or engineers, but "accounteers" who team up to ensure each claim contains just the right mix of science and financials.
  3. We don't give up: Our underlying culture is built on a foundation of absolute success, which means we fight hard for your claim no matter what obstacles might arise.
  4. We build success right into your claim: Our strategies produce winning claims every time because they are built on a solid foundation of science, financials and SR&ED law.
  5. We maximize results, while minimizing risk: Our proven methods and intelligence ensure you get the most money out of your claim, without being exposed to unnecessary risk.
  6. We know SR&ED law inside and out: PCI is leading the charge in expanding the scope of SR&ED law to ensure that those who deserve this tax credit are eligible, and take advantage of the program.
  7. We stand behind our work: PCI stays with you 100% of the way, until the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) approval is in your hands.